Why do this workshop?

  • Who doesn’t need some more bodylove?!
  • As women, we all know that we need to treat our bodies better than we do – but sometimes it just seems so hard. Often when we try to get fit and eat better we end up too busy or overwhelmed by conflicting information and our own busy schedules!
  • You need to get body savy – you need get a plan of attack – work out where you are at, where you want to be and have a smarter strategy to get there.
  • In the bodylove workshop we will help you create a roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • We will show you the 4 essential areas in your life that you must get sorted to have a body that you love and that loves you in return.
  • We will help you feel  re-connected to your body and hope to have you leaving the workshop feeling inspired to look after your body – better than ever before.
  • You will also learn about our bodylove coaching program.
  • The workshop will be run by experienced and passionate wellbeing coach, Jacquie Sharples.

What you get?

  • An interactive bodylove workshop – time, space and guidance to work on YOU and your body!
  • A workbook that we will work though in the workshop and that you will have with all the information from the workshop.
  • Focused actions for you to implement to move forward with building more bodylove into your life.
  • An injection of inspiration and motivation to get yourself into action!

This is valued at over $200.

Who should do the workshop?

  • Are trying to get fit and back into shape and can’t seem to make it happen? – We’ll show you how to get more results.
  • Do you know you need to spend more time on yourself, but are struggling to?  – We’ll inspire you to take action.
  • Do you not feel as physically and mentally good as you know you could?  – We’ll show you a way.
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting information in the world of fitness and wellbeing and looking for some good advice – We’ll help you see clearly.
  • Are you prepared to do things differently and create positive change in your life?  – We’ll give you all the info on our bodylove coaching program. 

What does it cost?

Online workshops – anywhere, anytime

  • $29 –  for online access, anytime, anywhere! It’s time, space, energy, guidance and a tonne of value for you and your body. We are passionate about providing space and support for you and your body to re-connect.
  • Online workshops will be available soon – in mid 2017.

Live workshops in Melbourne

  • $49 –  for 2 hours of time, space, energy, guidance and a tonne of value for you and your body. We are passionate about providing space and support for you and your body to re-connect.
  • You can also buy a second ticket for a friend for 50% off. You can either split the savings ($36 each for a ticket), or you can buy a gift for a friend who you know needs some bodylove.

Where & When is it?

Online workshops – anywhere, anytime

  • Online workshops will be available in mid 2017. Please join our mailing list to be informed as soon as it is available: Join the mailing list.

Live workshops in Melbourne

The bodylove workshop is held at Carpe Diem Wellbeing’s Head Office in Richmond. Please join our mailing list to get the dates as soon as they are released: Join the mailing list.

What others have to say about our bodylove workshop:

Here is some feedback from women who have attended the workshop in the past:

“Wow, what a wake up call. We don’t take the time to really listen to what every inch of our body is telling us until wise people sit you down in a space with others and break it down to you. That I must say is the best and most inspirational workshop I have ever been to” – Lauren B

“I thoroughly enjoyed the bodylove workshop, and realized that there is so much more than just being fit and eating clean. Jacquie showed me that there are numerous factors relating to optimal health such as balance and positive thinking. She showed us that we all need to believe in ourselves and love the bodies we have. I especially loved the she made us write everything down. It has given me something to work towards and a new focus for my life. I cannot thank her enough for making me realize the damage I was doing to my body!” – Marly S

“I was super excited when the opportunity arose to attend a bodylove workshop held by the beautiful and inspiring ladies from Carpe Diem Wellbeing. As a girl who has always taken her health and well being quite seriously, I got more out of this workshop then I imagined. I was influenced to dig deeper and answer questions that lead me closer to a happy body. I now look at my body with a total different perspective.”  – Chanel D

“Fabulously run! The insight into Carpe Diem’s Wellbeing Model was very thought provoking. I was able to stretch my narrower view of wellbeing into other areas of my life for improvement. Definitely worth attending.” – Louise O

“A great insight into how simple changes can lead to much bigger and more positive outcomes in overall wellbeing. The workshop was well planned and Jacquie is genuine and motivated in her approach to assist you to get the best out of yourself.” – Kath I

“Thank you Jacquie for an enjoyable and insightful workshop! There is an overwhelming amount of information available relating to health and fitness, and you managed to decipher it all and come up with a simple model that touches on all aspects of wellbeing. The workshop taught me that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet and exercise and simple ‘tweaks’ really can make a difference. Your model allows each person to tailor their program to specific goals and needs. I learnt a few very simple and handy tips that I am still implementing today and that have made a difference to my exercise program and diet. Thanks again! ( I lost 1.5kgs in a week after attending your workshop!)” – Meaghan B

More on the bodylove coaching program

At the workshop you will be introduced to our bodylove coaching program.

We do things differently.  We’re not into restrictive cookie cutter plans that don’t cater for individuality and fun. We do not obsess over calories and weight loss or abuse the body for short term results. The core of our program is empowering you with knowledge and tools, that you will have for life.  Women who go through the bodylove program shape up, feel nourished, happy and empowered.   For more information click here.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Jacquie at any time for more information.

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